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  • We love Wadebridge

    Posted on September 20th, 2009 Jerry 7 comments

    The Lovewadebridge website was set up last week to enable the people of Wadebridge to air their feelings regarding the proposed new supermarket(s) on the eastern outskirts of the town.

    wadebridgeThis initiative has been prompted by the proposal that Cornwall Council should sell its office at Higher Trenant to Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s would demolish the building and create a superstore.

    The demolition of this valuable building (built at great expense less than 20 years ago!) would be prompted by short-term financial considerations on the part of the council, and Sainsbury’s wish to access the substantial shopping spend in the town.

    It would thus be a double slap in the face for Wadebridge.  The promise of extra jobs is bogus as supermarkets destroy as many jobs as they create.

    Independentwadebridge town centre

    Wadebridge has until now cleverly and quietly combined the best of the past while embracing what the present has to offer.

    The key survival from the past, that keeps its modern heart beating, is the network of independent traders offering those everyday commodities that bring local people into its streets for supplies and sociability. 

    That heart has been carved out of most towns of similar size in Cornwall by their circling superstores. In Wadebridge it is still beating strongly.  If we allowed our independent and local traders to be squeezed out, which would be the inevitable result of supermarket expansion, the future of Wadebridge would become drab and bland.

    If you are interested in keeping things local, which if you are looking at the CSA website you undoubtedly are, then take a look at the website – lovewadebridge.com – have your say, and sign the petition.


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    • Hi Jerry!
      I hope you dont mind me posting the webpage on my facebook as well as Network Cornwall.
      Im in support of local food and independent family businesses. For new ideas and community spirit!

    • Interesting to remember what happened in Saltash…
      From http://www.tescopoly.org

      Saltash, Cornwall
      Residents set up a campaign group “Say no to Sainsbury’s” to protest against an application by Sainsbury’s to build a supermarket on sports fields in the town. On 15th October 2008 Caradon District Council planning committee rejected the application. The planning officer’s report said that the supermarket would have a detrimental impact on traders in Fore Street and would see the loss of a valuable green space near the town centre.

      Sainsbury’s applied for permission to build a split-level food store on Callington Road with underground parking for 284 cars. It also planned to regenerate the Warfelton playing fields to create a full-size and junior pitch with new changing rooms and a club house.

      On the 26th January 2008 hundreds of protesters marched to the Guildhall, where they were addressed by Colin Breed MP and Bob Austin, the Mayor of Saltash. A public meeting to discuss the issue was held on February 11th 2008. The campaign organisers urged people to write to the planning officer dealing with the case. Caradon District Council received 2,600 objection letters.

      For further information on the final decision please see this article Residents’ relief after supermarket rejected.

    • Wadebridge resident

      Well I live in Wadebridge & think it is a good idea to have a new supermarket. Wadebridge has very few jobs & this would be a great way to decrease unemployment levels. We currently only have Tesco which gets boring and often residents go to nearby Bodmin for more choice. Sainsburys & Morrisons will bring more people into our town.

      Nobody local can afford to shop in local shops because they are too expensive and the majority of people have to shop in a supermarket because you can’t live on what shops we have in town so sainsbury’s & morrisons will give more choice to locals.

    • In reply to ‘Wadebridge resident’ and others who are brainwashed by the supermarkets:

      We know from plenty of research that has been done on the effects of supermarkets that they actually LOSE jobs from towns, not create them. The average net loss of jobs from a community when a supermarket is launched is 260. That’s taking into account the knock on effect of businesses closing and all the people who support a business, such as the accountant, window cleaner, builders, electrician etc.

      When businesses close in a town we get LESS consumer choice. With no butchers, where can you buy speciality meats, rarer cuts or help with the preparation of meat? Also most shops in Wadebridge are willing to order products in especially for you, therefore increasing our choice even more! I don’t expect Sainsbury’s or Morrisons to have that level of service.

      And you mentioned the local shops are too expensive? I save a fortune from buying locally! I can pick up a huge bag of bacon bits from the butchers for £1.30! When it comes to value for money, supermarkets don’t come close to beating the large bags of herbs and spices that the health food shop sells for a £1. Stokes is far cheaper for fruit and vegetables and I find that Woolacotts often matches deals I find on the Internet, let alone High Street retailers.

      You may go to Bodmin to shop but do you really want to live in a town like Bodmin? Please don’t underestimate how lucky we are to live in such a thriving town.

    • Wadebridge Trader

      Reply to Harriet.

      Get down from your high horse. How dare you be so rude to those that oppose your view. If anyones been brainwashed it’s you.

      Who wouldn’t save a fortune living on bacon bits and herbs, but if that’s what you want good luck to you.
      Some of us prefer a better quality food which we will be able to buy from Sainsbury’s with the money we have saved by buying our electrical appliances from Tesco.

      Why are you lovewadebridge lot so militant?

      I have a business in Wadebridge and not one of my customers or my many friends and acquaintances are against having a supermarket in Wadebridge in fact we are all of the same mind, “THE SOONER THE BETTER”

    • I dont live in Wadebridge, I live in ST Columb, but often shop in Wadebridge Town and would not like to see this lovely old Town damaged by the Building of a Sainsburys Superstore.

      The one Council for Cornwall isa just not Working.

    • Wadebridge Resident 2

      I have to say that I too am in support of another PROPER supermarket in Wadebridge.
      What gets me is that all these militant people think that they speak for the town…they clearly don’t!

      Harriet …may I suggest that next time you search the web for electronics deal that you look harder as there is no way that Woolacotts beats the online prices available. Matches maybe but not very often. Eg Fridge freezer bought 12 months ago online £70 cheaper than Woolacotts and that was delivered!!

      I wonder how long it will be before the Lovewadebridge crowd and other militants start banging on about shutting down the Web!!!!

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