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  • More and bigger helpings

    Posted on November 7th, 2009 charlotte 1 comment

    The extra potatoes in our shares are put there in direct response to a plea from Camel CSA members.  Standard boxes contain 2.5 kg of Wilja spuds this week and there are 1.5 kg in the small boxes.

    weighing-potatoes-camel-csa 25-09-09 Our picking and packing volunteers had to dodge some sharp, heavy showers as they picked, dug, sorted and weighed the veg on Friday.  The team’s now rigged up some rudimentary shelter to help them escape the worst of Cornwall’s wild autumn equinoxal weather.

    Picking and packing supremo Trish explains:

    “We’ve been loaned a gazebo which we put up over the sorting area.  We’re hoping it’ll stay put and not take off once we put a couple of ties into the wall.


    “It was good to stay reasonably dry while doing the packing and it meant we could leave the boxes under cover at the end.”

    Friday’s band of helpers alongside Trish were Penny and Robert, Mike H, Henrietta and Jennie M.

    The growing team still have broad beans to sow and garlic sets to plant which we hope (weather permitting!) to get finished this Sunday.  See you then.


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    • Sadly the gazebo only lasted just over 24 hours – in spite of the ties we put in, it flew over to the golf driving range on Saturday night! Ah well – hoping for dry weather on Fridays.

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