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  • Welcome Daisy, our youngest veg grower

    Posted on February 23rd, 2010 charlotte 1 comment

    Congratulations to Jane and Gav Mellowship who are the proud parents of Daisy, their new baby daughter.

    Jane is one of Camel Camel Supported Agriculture’s three expert growers. Both she and Gav work in farming and horticulture.
    Jane says:

    “We’re loving having Daisy with us and getting used to being three instead of two.

    “It took long enough to get her out and now we’re just enjoying her finally being here!

     “She’s brilliant and we’ve already forgotten what life was like without her.”

    Daisy is the second baby born to members since Camel CSA was set up.  Hollie Goodwin, Dan and Kate’s daughter, is now six months old.  And starting to eat lots of vegetables, we hope!


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