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  • Seasonal local veg in this week’s boxes

    Posted on August 18th, 2011 Trish 3 comments

    First, a plea from the packers: if you have any of those small plastic containers such as tomatoes, peaches etc are often sold in, it would be great if you could bring them in to the shed. Many thanks.

    This week everyone will have:
    * potatoes (St Kew Harvest)
    * onions (csa)
    * french beans (csa)
    * kohlrabi (csa)
    * tuscan kale (csa)
    * sugar snap/podding peas (csa)
    * spring onion (csa)
    * basil (csa)

    Standard boxes will also have:
    * tomatoes (csa)
    * cucumber (csa)
    * sprouting broccoli (csa)

    * = grown to organic principles


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    • What’s the pepper like thing in the box? I can’t work it out from this list…

    • You’re right, Dan – the peppers weren’t on the list – and it is a pepper, just like the normal green/red ones. Very often now there will be veg in the boxes that are ripe and ready to eat and need picking on the day – but they might not have appeared on the weekly list. I think I’ll have to start putting a proviso on the list to say ‘subject to change’!

    • One of my extra sweet peppers was a pale green colour, the other dark purple. Amazing! I also got two red chillis (v hot) – there are lots more ripening in the polytunnel

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