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  • We veg growers hate those meeces to pieces!

    Posted on March 27th, 2012 charlotte 1 comment

    Wee, sleekit, cow’ring, tim’rous beasties? Or nasty little pests that dig up our seeds and pee all over our polytunnels?

    Sharing a vegetable-growing site with Cornish wildlife can have its drawbacks. We’ve been overrun by a plague of long-tailed field mice.

    They’ve taken up residence in our potting shed amid the piles of cardboard that we’re using for our lasagne gardening. They’ve run riot all over the polytunnels and eaten everything from beetroot to onion seeds.

    So it’s time to hang the seed trays from the rafters of the polytunnels. And we’ve decided to resort to more drastic action.

    Camel CSA 1: Meeces 0

    But as the war against pesky predators continues, so much for the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Now we’ve discovered an entire newly-sown bed of broad beans have gone missing…


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    • Devon and Cornwall Mouse Hole Association,

      PolyTunnel, Camel, Cornwall, UK

      Dear Organic Grower.

      We’d like to say thanks,

      to your new organic bank,

      and for the feeding tubes

      that keep us dry.

      And while we enjoy nibbling

      without overhead dribble,

      we can’t understand why

      there’s a hue and cry.

      We’ve been chewing through the

      pages of your organic times,

      and would like to say

      the cardboard boxes

      you provided are just

      the roughage we needed.

      But today we’d like to reply

      to the complainant

      on the grape vine,

      the misunderstanding of the

      mice’s position.

      We need to explain

      that times have changed,

      barns converted,

      hedges uprooted and

      our winter stores destroyed.

      We gathered in our siblings,

      put our paws together,

      and decided to join

      the organic times.

      Where the shoots springing,

      excuse me for mentioning

      we’re running very low on

      cardboard boxes

      for nest bedding

      We understand it’s

      hard to keep up with

      your new customer’s demands.

      In return we’ve devised

      a mouse method to

      advertise you

      far and wide,

      understanding organic

      is now the best in our land,

      we do our best to keep

      up with your growth of veg in hand.

      Yours appreciatively,


      The Undercover field correspondent

      For the Even Longer Tailed Field Mouse Association.

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