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  • Rhubarb and more Cornish asparagus in our veg boxes

    Posted on May 10th, 2012 charlotte No comments

    We’re in the middle of the “hungry gap“, so we’re relying heavily on other veg growers in Cornwall to fill the veg boxes. It also means there’s fewer items in the weekly boxes, but they’re still high value.

    Although we planted our own rhubarb earlier this year, it isn’t ready to pick yet. And we’ve no need to grow our own asparagus as there’s plenty being produced just down the road from us.

    Everyone will have: –
    new potatoes ‘Rocket’ (Growfair)
    cauliflower (Growfair)
    rhubarb (Growfair)
    Cornish asparagus (Lower Croan, Sladesbridge)
    * parsley (Camel CSA)

    Standard boxes will have:
    extra  potatoes
    * radishes (Camel CSA)
    * Swiss chard (Camel CSA)

    * = grown to organic principles

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