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  • Freshly-picked sweetcorn in Camel CSA’s veg boxes

    Posted on September 18th, 2016 charlotte No comments

    Get your teeth into this! Our sweetcorn harvest has begun and we’re overwhelmed with sweet, flavoursome tomatoes, basil and rainbow chard. We all have an extra vegetable this week – a green or yellow pepper.

    In all the boxes this week: –
    *tomatoes – red, golden
    *sweet pepper – green or yellow
    *Swiss / rainbow chard
    *beetroot bunch
    tenderstem (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    potatoes ‘Wilja’ (Restharrow)

    Standard boxes also have: –
    extra potatoes
    *courgettes – green, gold (Mark Norman, Bodmin)

    * = grown to organic principles
    All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated. Please wash all vegetables and fruit.

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