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    Who we are  We’re a not-for-profit community supported agriculture scheme at Treraven Farm near Wadebridge in north Cornwall. We grow and supply vegetables for 90 local households using organic principles and no-dig methods.

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    What we’re doing  Subscribe to our veg-growing scheme and we’ll ensure you get a weekly veg box containing a share of our seasonal produce. You’ll automatically become a member of our social enterprise when you sign up. It means you support our commitment to agroecological farming practices and our aim to produce and share healthy, seasonal, local food.

    veg-box-contents-camelcsa-2309184-week veg box trial You can sign up for a 4-week box trial if you live or work in the Wadebridge, Bodmin, Delabole and Camelford area or along the north coast from Port Isaac to Polzeath.

    Choose your veg box Two sizes of vegetable box – standard and small – are ready every Friday. We grow most of the fresh, seasonal contents ourselves. Other named local growers supply us with a range of extra Cornish fruit and veg to give all-year-round variety.

    Monthly subscription costs small weekly box (feeds 1-2) is £48 a month in advance; a standard weekly box (feeds 2-4) is £65 a month. Prices include free delivery via bicycle or e-cargo bike or electric van.

    Get a discount Help save food miles and get a £4-a-month discount if you collect your box yourself from a pick-up point in either Wadebridge or West Downs, Delabole. We also accept HealthyStart vouchers.

    If you wish to cancel your membership subscription we ask you to give a month’s notice. This allows us time to find someone else to take up your share of the harvest.

    Sign up for a 4-week veg box trial

    camelcsa-pickers-packersHow our social enterprise works  Camel CSA is a community interest company (CIC), so any profits are ploughed back into the project. Members of our subscription scheme get a share in the produce, have an equal say in how we’re organised and are invited to take part in our voluntary activities. Some do, some don’t; it’s not compulsory!

    Our elected volunteer core management group deal with the day-to-day administration. Paid expert growers work with our volunteer growing team to produce the vegetables. The volunteer picking and packing team work alongside the growers to share out the weekly harvest and prepare the vegetable boxes every Friday.

    LISTEN to what Jack Murley of BBC Radio Cornwall found out when he visited us at Treraven Farm.

    We’re well established We set up at the end of 2008 and an entirely volunteer workforce began the growing process in early 2009. We’ve been totally self-sustaining since 2013 and now have three permanent part-time growers and one seasonal worker.

    Vulnerable adults
    We also offer training and support to vulnerable adults and young people who want to share in the growing experience. Some come to us via local charities and support agencies. Others arrange to take part on an independent basis. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

    What are the benefits of joining us?

    • You get to eat fresh, healthy and nutritious local food
    • You know where your vegetables come from and the people who grow them
    • You contribute directly to the local economy and reduce your food miles
    • You have a say in how your food is produced
    • You can enjoy fresh air and fun (and exercise!) by sharing in the work and the harvest and joining in social activities
    • You get the chance to take advice and learn from professional growers
    • You help make your community a better, healthier, more nature-friendly place

    What is a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  CSA schemes are all about promoting agroecological farming practices while adapting to climate change, providing local food, improving food security and connecting people with the land where their food is grown.

    It’s a partnership between food producers and members of the local community. The economic risks and benefits are shared between those who grow the food and the people who consume it. A CSA is committed to community values as it provides employment, education, health and well-being and recreation.

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