We're growing our own food!
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  • Core group

    Camel CSA’s volunteer core management group and paid expert growers live near our growing sites at St Kew Highway and Treraven Farm near Wadebridge in north Cornwall.

    Chair – Diana Barry
    e: dbarry2904@gmail.com   call: 01208 895083

    Vice-chair – Mark Malcolmson
    call: 01208 841353   m: 07784570069

    Membership secretary – Anna Denny
    e: info@camel-csa.org.uk

    Treasurer – Frank Kerrigan
    e: info@camel-csa-org.uk

    Secretary – Jan Hulme
    e: secretary@camel-csa.org.uk

    Publicity /marketing – Charlotte Barry
    e: charlotte@camel-csa.org.uk    m: 07884 215574

    Expert paid growers
    Mark Norman t: 01208 841353   m: 07568 468588
    Bridget Gould e: bsgould1@gmail.com
    Jane Mellowship

    Claire Atkinson | Gary Bradley | Chris Coonick |  Dan Goodwin |