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  • Seasonal local food recipe No.381 – Madhur Jaffrey’s Punjabi-style beetroot

    Posted on April 9th, 2018 charlotte No comments

    We grow a lot of beetroot, so I’m always on the outlook for new recipes. This is a subtly spicy side dish that goes well with dal, one of my  all-time favourite comfort foods.

    Serves: 4

    punjabi-style-beetroot-madhur-jaffrey-ca1melcsa-090418Preparation time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: 30 minutes

    2 tbsp olive oil
    1 pinch ground asafoetida
    (or half a pinch each of onion and garlic powders)
    ½ tsp cumin seeds
    ¼ tsp fenugreek seeds
    2 large beetroot (about 675g), peeled and cut into 2cm dice
    2 tsp fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated
    1 tsp ground coriander
    ½ tsp ground cumin
    ¼ tsp ground turmeric
    ¼–½ tsp chilli powder
    250ml water
    2 medium tomatoes, blanched, peeled and finely chopped

    Put the oil in a nonstick frying pan on a medium-high heat. When hot, add the asafoetida, quickly followed by the cumin seeds, and let them sizzle for a few seconds. Add the fenugreek seeds, stir, then add the beetroot, ginger, coriander and cumin. Stir for two to three minutes. Add the turmeric and chilli powder, and stir for a few seconds.

    Stir in the water and half a teaspoon of salt. Bring to a boil, cover, lower the heat and cook gently for 20 minutes, until the beetroot is tender. Add the tomatoes and cook, uncovered, stirring over a high heat, for another two to three minutes, until the tomatoes are tender and well combined, and most of the liquid has been absorbed. Season as needed and serve.

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.216 – Carrot halva

    Posted on February 15th, 2014 Janet No comments

    This a favourite dessert from celebrated Indian cook Madhur Jaffrey.  It’s a little time-consuming to make but so much nicer than bought Indian sweets.
    Serves 4-6

    Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
    Cooking time: 60-90 minutes

    450g grated carrots
    700ml milk
    8 whole green cardamom pods
    5 tbs vegetable oil or ghee
    5 tbs caster sugar
    1-2 tbs sultanas
    1 tbs shelled unsalted pistachios, lightly crushed

    Put the grated carrots, milk and cardamom pods into a heavy-bottomed pan and bring to the boil.  Turn the heat down to low and cook, stirring now and then, until there is no liquid left.  Heat the oil or ghee in a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat.  When hot add the carrot mixture, stir and fry until the carrots no longer have a rich, reddish colour.  This can take 10-15 minutes.  Add the sugar, sultanas and pistachios, stir and fry for another two minutes.

    Serve warm or at room temperature.  It’s good served with whipped or clotted cream.

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.180 – Cauliflower with fennel and mustard seeds

    Posted on March 15th, 2013 Trish No comments

    Or Baghari phool gobi – from Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery (the book of the BBC series). This is delicious on its own with rice or jacket potatoes, or served as a side dish with pretty much anything.

    Serves 6

    Preparation time: 40 minutes (including 30 minutes soaking time)
    Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

    1 large cauliflower
    7 tbsp vegetable oil
    2 tsp whole fennel seeds
    1 tbsp whole black mustard seeds
    1 tbsp very finely chopped garlic
    ¼ tsp ground turmeric
    ¼ tsp cayenne pepper
    1½ tsp salt
    4 tbsp water

    Cut the cauliflower into delicate flowerets – no longer than 5cm, no wider at the head than 2cm inch and about 1cm thick. Put them into a bowl of water for at least half an hour. Drain them just before you get ready to cook.

    Heat the oil in a large 25-30cm frying pan over a medium flame. When hot, put in the fennel and mustard seeds. As soon as the mustard seeds start to pop, put in the finely chopped garlic. Stir and fry until the garlic is lightly browned. Add the turmeric and cayenne. Stir once and quickly put in the cauliflower, salt, and about 4 tbsp water. Stir and cook on medium heat for 6-7 minutes or until cauliflower is just done. It should retain its crispness and there should be no liquid left. If the water evaporates before the cauliflower is done, add a little more.

    If your frying pan is smaller than the suggested size, the cauliflower will take longer to cook. In that case, it might be a good idea to cover it for 5 minutes.