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  • Seasonal local food recipe No.335 – Miryam’s tomatoes with toast

    Posted on September 11th, 2016 Janet No comments

    We have recently returned from our holiday touring round Spain.  For five nights we stayed at the Valencia home of our young Spanish friend Miryam.  Every morning she prepared this simple dish for breakfast.

    Serves 2p1070693

    Preparation time: 10 minutes

    3 large tomatoes
    sea salt
    extra virgin olive oil

    Halve the tomatoes and grate the flesh directly into a shallow dish, discard the skin.  Season to taste with sea salt and a good glug of extra virgin olive oil.  Serve with freshly made toast, left over baguette is ideal.

  • Beautiful basil in this week’s veg boxes

    Posted on August 29th, 2016 charlotte No comments

    In all the boxes: –
    basil-camelcsa-0716*basil – green and purple
    *tomatoes – yellow or red
    *mixed lettuce and rocket bag
    *courgettes – green and yellow (Mark Norman, Bodmin)
    tenderstem or calabrese  (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    potatoes ‘Wilja’ (Restharrow)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    extra potatoes
    *aubergine or green pepper
    runner beans (Polmorla Market Garden, Wadebridge)

    * = grown to organic principles
    All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated. Please wash all vegetables and fruit.

  • Red and yellow tomatoes in Camel CSA’s veg boxes

    Posted on August 6th, 2016 charlotte No comments
    vegbox-contents-camelcsa-050716In our boxes this week: –
    *tomatoes – yellow or red
    French beans OR peas in the pod
    *courgettes (Mark Norman, Bodmin)
    calabrese (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    potatoes (Restharrow)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    extra potatoes
    *cavelo nero OR cauliflower

    * = grown to organic principles

    All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated. Please wash all vegetables and fruit.

    Try these dishes on Camel CSA’s recipes page: –
    Chicken with lemon, and chilli broccoli
    Chargrilled broccoli with chilli and garlic

  • Gooseberries in our north Cornwall veg boxes

    Posted on July 8th, 2016 charlotte No comments

    In all the boxes this week:-
    *cucumbers OR yellow French beans
    *green garlic
    *new potatoes (Mark Norman, Bodmin / Camel CSA)
    tenderstem (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    cauliflower (Growfair Cornwall)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    extra new potatoes
    *green onions
    *courgettes (Mark Norman)
    beetroot (Restharrow)

    * = grown to organic principles
    Please wash all vegetables and fruit. All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated

    Try these ways with gooseberries on Camel CSA’s recipes page: –
    Gooseberry crumble cake
    Gooseberry sauce

  • Cornish asparagus and rhubarb in our veg boxes

    Posted on May 13th, 2016 charlotte No comments

    At last! Freshly-picked Cornish asparagus from Roger and Gill Derryman and rhubarb from Jeremy and Claudia Best are back in our boxes this week.

    cornish-asparagus-camelcsaIn all the veg boxes:-
    Cornish asparagus (Lower Croan, Sladesbridge)
    rhubarb (Mitchell Fruit Garden)
    *broad beans
    *turnip bunch
    *mixed salad leaves – assorted lettuce, rocket, baby chard
    potatoes (St Lawrence Farm, Bodmin)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    extra potatoes
    *purple sprouting broccoli
    *Swiss/rainbow chard
    cauliflower (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)

    * = grown to organic principles

    Please wash all vegetables and fruit. All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated

    Try these asparagus dishes on Camel CSA’s recipes page: –
    Simply delicious Cornish asparagus
    Shaved asparagus and goat’s cheese salad Read the rest of this entry »

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.322 – Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and goat’s cheese tart

    Posted on May 1st, 2016 Janet No comments

    My husband Frank found this recipe from Rosie Sykes’ The Kitchen Revolution on the Low Sizergh Barn website while looking for something new to do with the Jerusalem artichokes in our veg boxes this week.  Then, even better, he cooked it for tea last night!  If you are ever up in the Lake District, the shop and tearoom at Low Sizergh Barn are well worth a visit.

    jerusalem artichokes-camel csaServes 4

    Preparation time: 40 minutes
    Cooking time: 20-25 minutes

    3 tbsp olive oil
    60g butter
    4 sprigs of thyme
    Zest and juice of half a lemon
    2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
    80g whole hazelnuts
    3 leeks, trimmed and finely sliced
    400g Jerusalem artichokes, sliced into pound coin-thick circles
    250g filo pastry
    60g soft goat’s cheese

    Add 2 tbsp of olive oil and all the butter to a small pan over a low heat. Add half the thyme, and all the lemon zest and garlic. Cover and warm gently. If any butter solids come to the top, skim them off. Set aside until needed.

    Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/gas mark 6. Toast the hazelnuts in the warming oven for a few minutes until light golden. While warm, wrap in a tea towel and rub them to remove the skins. Once cool, finely chop the nuts.

    Add the remaining oil to a pan over a medium heat. Add the leeks and thyme leaves stripped from the remaining stalks, cover and cook gently for about 10 minutes until soft. Turn the heat up, add the lemon juice and stir. Let the leeks become pretty dry, season to taste, take off the heat and set aside.  Meanwhile, boil the artichokes in salted water for around 3 minutes until soft. Strain and run under cold water.

    Brush a baking sheet with the infused oil mixture. Lay out one or two sheets of filo to create a 30cm square. Butter the pastry and scatter with a quarter of the hazelnuts, cover with another layer of filo and press down. Repeat to create three more layers on top of the first.  Cover the pastry base with soft leeks, then arrange the artichokes on top in overlapping rows.

    Season and brush with infused oil, crumble the goat’s cheese on top and cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes until the pastry is crisp and the cheese has melted nicely.

    Cut the tart into quarters. Serve with some bitter leaves dressed with orange.

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.319 – Frank’s slow cooked potatoes

    Posted on March 28th, 2016 Janet No comments

    I’m not sure where the idea for this potato dish comes from, but my husband’s version brings back childhood memories of a similar recipe my Mum used to dish up.  I like it served with slow roast lamb.

    Serves 4

    potatoes sarpo axona-camel csaPreparation time: 15 minutes
    Cooking time: 1.5 – 2 hours

    1 kg potatoes, peeled
    2 cloves garlic, finely grated
    olive oil
    a splash of white wine
    freshly ground black pepper

    Slice the potatoes the thickness of a pound coin.  Place a sheet of aluminium foil (about 90 cm by 30 cm) on a baking tray, grease half of it with some olive oil and cover with a layer of sliced potatoes.  Sprinkle with a little of the grated garlic.  Build up the layers until all the potato and garlic have been used and top with freshly ground black pepper.

    Add a good splash of white wine and a drizzle of olive oil then fold the other half of the foil over and crimp the edges together to make an airtight parcel. Place in the bottom of the oven at 150°C/Gas mark 2 for 1.5 – 2 hours.  Be careful of a sudden release of steam when opening up the parcel .  Serve immediately.

  • Radishes and bean sprouts in Camel CSA’s veg boxes

    Posted on March 28th, 2016 charlotte No comments

    There’s nothing quite like the taste of sweet and crunchy new radishes as we come into spring.

    In all our boxes this week:-
    harvesting-radishes-camelcsa-260316*radish bunch
    *sprouted mung beans
    *mixed salad leaves (rocket, baby chard, mizuma, golden mustard, red mustard, lettuce)
    *cabbage (Camel CSA/Mark Norman, Bodmin)
    beetroot (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    potatoes (Burlerrow Farm, St Mabyn)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    extra potatoes
    *green tomato chutney (our own homemade)
    *purple sprouting broccoli OR red Russian kale
    leeks (Restharrow)

    * = grown to organic principles
    Please wash all vegetables and fruit. All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated.

    Try these radish recipes on Camel CSA’s recipes page: –
    Warm halloumi with radish, apple and pecan salad
    Maharashtrian radish salad

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.316 – Beetroot and chocolate traybake

    Posted on March 6th, 2016 Janet No comments

    This recipe was a technical challenge in The Great Sport Relief Bake Off.  I’m going to make it tonight as a pudding for my Mum on Mothers’ Day.  I may skip the candied beetroot hearts!

    beetroot_and_chocolate_33061_16x9Makes 12 slices

    Preparation time: 30 minutes
    Cooking time: 40-50 minutes

    For the cake:
    250 g self raising flour
    4 Tbsp cocoa powder
    2 tsp baking powder
    beetroot-bunch-camelcsa-20100730250 g cooked beetroot in natural juices
    3 Tbsp white wine vinegar
    160 ml buttermilk
    160 g butter, softened
    230 g caster sugar
    3 large free-range eggs
    For the icing:
    280 g cream cheese
    50 g unsalted butter, softened
    50 g icing sugar, sifted
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    For the candied beetroot hearts:
    2 raw beetroots
    200 g caster sugar

    Preheat the oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4. Grease and line a 30x20cm/12x8in traybake tin.

    Mix together the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder in a bowl.  Blend the beetroot in a food processor until you have a rough purée. Put the purée in a bowl, add the vinegar and buttermilk. Mix to combine.

    Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in the eggs, followed by half the dry mixture and half the beetroot mixture.  Continue to mix gently, adding the rest of the dry ingredients and the remaining beetroot.

    Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 40-50 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes before turning it out of the tin and leaving it to cool completely.  Meanwhile make the icing. Beat together the cream cheese and butter until soft. Beat in the icing sugar and vanilla extract until they are combined, then spread the icing onto the cooled cake.

    For the beetroot hearts, thinly slice the beetroot, and cut into 12 heart shapes.  Boil the sugar in 200ml/7fl oz water until the sugar has dissolved, then add the beetroot hearts and simmer for about 10 minutes until soft and translucent. Using a fork, carefully remove the beetroot hearts from the hot sugar syrup and carefully lay them on paper towel to soak up any excess syrup.  Slice the cake into 12 even squares, and then decorate each square with a beetroot heart.

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.315 – Leek, butter bean and parsley soup

    Posted on February 26th, 2016 Janet No comments

    I made this tasty soup recently, the recipe is from a Guardian feature where you cook a large quantity of a particular ingredient, in this case butter beans, and use it for four different meals.  You could easily use tinned butter beans if you prefer.

    Serves 4P1060894

    Preparation time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: 30 minutes

    1 Tbsp olive oil
    500 g leeks, trimmed and sliced
    500 g cooked butter beans
    1.5 litres water
    2 Tbsp Marigold bouillon powder
    A small handful fresh parsley, roughly chopped

    Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan, add the leeks, stir, then cover and cook gently for 5-10 minutes.  Add the beans and the water, then bring to the boil.  Sprinkle the bouillon powder over the surface, stirring to disperse it, then leave to simmer for about 20 minutes, until the leeks are tender.  Add the fresh parsley, and blend the soup lightly with a hand blender to just thicken it slightly, but leave some visible pieces of bean and chunks of leek.  Check the seasoning and serve.