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  • Camel CSA’s Big Lunch

    Posted on July 15th, 2009 charlotte No comments

    Camel Community Supported Agriculture is hosting its own Big Lunch for members, their families and friends this Sunday 19 July.

     Just turn up at 1 p.m. on our site behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop at St Kew Highway near Wadebridge.  Please bring a plate or bowl of seasonal food to share (preferably using veg box contents), a chair, a plate, cutlery, a glass and a drink.

    Watch our latest video: Camel CSA – Our first harvest

  • Our first veg boxes

    Posted on July 2nd, 2009 charlotte No comments

    Broad beans 28-06-09 - cropped 1We’ve done it – we’re starting to eat our own food! 

    More than 15 Camel Community Supported Agriculture members receive their first vegetable boxes on Friday 3 July. 

    A great deal of human effort has gone into providing these first fruits of our labour.  It’s hard to believe that we only started preparing our site at the beginning of March and sowed the first seeds just a few weeks later.

    Our first share of the harvest will contain: – 

    • broad beans
    • potatoes
    • onions
    • beetroot
    • Swiss chard
    • a bunch of curly or flat-leaved parsley
    • turnips and radishes – possibly
    • green salad

    We’ve grown the first eight items ourselves at St Kew Highway.  The salad leaves are being provided by Jane Mellowship, one of our expert growers, who has her own vegetable plot at New Polzeath.

    Hard work

    CSA weeding 28-06-09 - croppedWe’ve made enormous strides since March – entirely as a result of the dedicated volunteer labour provided by members and expert growers.  Some people said we would never manage it, but we have proved that we can.

    Many hours of hard work have gone into preparing the 40-metre long growing beds, spreading compost, digging up dock leaves, sowing seeds, planting out seedlings, hoeing and an enormous amount of hand weeding.  We’re grateful to our expert growing team and all the volunteers who have turned up on Sunday mornings – rain or shine.

    Last Sunday we thinned out and hand weeded the parsnips, weeded the Swiss chard, spread compost and dug up yet more dock leaves that were threatening to go to seed. 

    A big thanks to expert grower Mark Norman, to members Charlotte, Diana, Mike H and Mike S, and to visitors Donna and Marianne.

    Another team of volunteers will be picking and packing the boxes every Friday morning.  If you’d like to be included on the rota, please contact Mark Norman or phone Antonina at St Kew Harvest. 

    Box collection

     Members must pay for veg boxes in advance.  You’ll be able to collect your box every Friday between noon and 5 p.m. from St Kew Harvest Farm Shop, which is next to the Camel CSA site.  Treasurer Cathy Fairman has been co-ordinating box payment and organisation.  She says:


    “Your name will be on your box, please take your own box and anyone else’s that you are delivering.  Remember to give us feedback as soon as possible.


    A special thank you to to Penny and Robert Manders and to Mike Haywood for volunteering to help Mark with the first harvest and packing.


    Happy eating!”

    Feedback on box content and any queries about veg box administration should be sent to Cathy at thefarm@bodminmoor.co.uk

  • Reap the rewards

    Posted on June 24th, 2009 charlotte No comments

    It’s that moment we’ve all been waiting for!  We’re about to harvest some of our own food.

    Camel Community Supported Agriculture’s first vegetable boxes will be ready on Friday 3 July.  Any member who would like to share in the harvest should contact our treasurer Cathy Fairman as soon as possible.   

    Camel CSA 14-06-09

    The first boxes have been allocated to members who have paid in advance.  They will be ready to collect on Friday 3 July from St Kew Harvest Farm Shop at any time between 12 noon and 5 p.m.  Cathy says:

    “We are all hoping that these boxes will meet expectations. Please, please, if for any reason you are not totally happy let us know.  We really want to get this right so your input is crucial.”

    We also need volunteers to pick vegetables and pack the boxes.  Cathy adds:

    “We will be picking and packing the vegetables on Friday mornings.  Times will vary and we would like to form a rota of volunteers to help the growers in this. Any members who would be able to help please let me know.”

    Volunteer growers

    If any members would like to help on the site at St Kew Highway outside the normal volunteer times on Thursday and Sunday mornings, please contact expert grower Jeremy Brown on 07971762227 or phone St Kew Harvest Farm Shop on 01208 841818.  There’s lots to do as usual!

    Last Sunday we constructed more growing beds, spread compost, sowed extra carrots, did loads of hand weeding, spread concentrated chicken manure on the potatoes and dug up scores of dock leaves that were threatening to go to seed.

    Many thanks to expert growers Jane and Jeremy B and to volunteer members Carolyn, Cath, Charlotte, Diana, Mark M and Mike S.

  • A warm and open welcome

    Posted on June 10th, 2009 charlotte No comments

    Around 60 adults and 20 children joined in the fun at Camel Community Supported Agriculture’s first Open Day and were rewarded with glorious sunshine and not a hint of rain . 

    Visitors ignored the threatening storm clouds and came out in their droves on Open Farm Sunday to see our vegetable growing project in north Cornwall.

    They built bee nests, joined guided tours, planted lettuces and nasturtiums, made scarecrows,  watched a sheep shearing demonstration, sat chatting in the sun and played on hay and straw bales.

    open-day-2009-1Assorted individuals, couples and families travelled from a 30-mile radius to give us some constructive feedback on our efforts to make local food work: –

    Fantastic project.  Amazing!  Brilliant!

    An excellent idea – keep it going

    Great for the whole family.  Liked the things for children to do

    Lovely, interesting day – will come again

    Loved the tour – very inspiring

    Learned a lot about not needing to dig.  Hurrah – compost!

    Need to encourage more people to learn where food comes from and to eat seasonally

    Excellent initiative – more farm events would be great

    We provided a barbeque, home-made-cakes and cold drinks.  Hot drinks and cream teas were available at the farm shop.

     very-hungry-caterpillarIn scenes reminiscent of Eric Carle’s children’s classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar, our guests and helpers munched their way through a  shoulder of organic moorland mutton, a mound of sausages, beefburgers, veggie burgers and vegetable kebabs, several bowls of homegrown salad leaves, radishes and spring onions, 8 slices of rhubarb loaf,  10 rhubarb muffins,  12 slices of coconut sponge, 16 chocolate buns, 24 pieces of lemon drizzle cake, 30 iced cupcakes, 40 flapjacks…

    And the verdict among Camel CSA members? 

    A job very well done! We are so lucky to have a group of such enthusiastic, committed, capable, lovely people

    I think we have all pulled together really well

    We have managed to spread the word to so many people and explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it

    It was so lovely to see it all coming together and the atmosphere it created

    Most of all we have been able to show that we are a “community” working together

    We can’t wait to be part of this again!

  • Camel CSA goes on show

    Posted on May 15th, 2009 charlotte No comments

    making-local-food-workWe have an incredible opportunity to publicise our exciting new community food growing initiative at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show near Wadebridge from June 4-6.

    Camel Community Supported Agriculture has a stand in the show’s Cornwall Food and Farming Pavilion.  This is thanks to the Plunkett Foundation, which manages the nationwide Making Local Food Work campaign, and also the support of the Soil Association.

    The pavilion is a must-see feature which hosts 60 local producers and their displays of Cornish food and drink.  It attracts thousands of show visitors every year.

    If you are a Camel CSA member and would like to help out on the stand for a few hours please get in touch with Antonina at St Kew Harvest on 01208 841818.

  • Help needed to plant potatoes and onions

    Posted on March 19th, 2009 charlotte No comments

    Now’s the chance to get to know your onions!

    We urgently need your help this Sunday 22 March to plant potatoes, onions and shallots on Camel Community Supported Agriculture’s site behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop at St Kew Highway.

    Jeremy Brown, of the growers’  team, has taken advantage of the dry sunny weather to form a number of new vegetable beds.

    It’s now up to us volunteers to turn up on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to get the seed potatoes and onion sets into the ground.  We also need to spread a lot more of the compost kindly donated by TT Compost at St Teath.

    Some of the stalwarts who turned out on the first volunteer day

    Some of the stalwarts who turned out on Camel CSA's first volunteer day

    Please remember to bring wellies, gloves and waterproofs (just in case).  If possible bring wheelbarrows, rakes and forks as well.

    We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

    If you would like more information or have any questions email Alex at alex@olivetreeevents.co.uk or call Antonina at St Kew Harvest on 01208 841818.

    Click here for directions to the site.

  • Camel CSA sows the first seeds of success

    Posted on March 12th, 2009 Pickle Design No comments

    We’ve started to get stuck in!  Camel Community Supported Agriculture’s first vegetables are now in the ground.   We’ve planted several rows of broad beans and Jerusalem artichokes, guided by our team of expert growers.  Parsley, cabbage and calabrese seeds are all germinating in the poly tunnel. 

    We’re inviting volunteers to come along and get involved every Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on our site behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop at St Kew Highway.

    Remember to bring wellies, waterproofs, drinks and a snack.  And don’t forget a pair of gardening gloves! Also bring any tools, ideally wheelbarrows, shovel, spades, forks and rakes.   You’ll be made very welcome.

    Find out more from Alex at alex@olivetreeevents.co.uk or Antonina at St Kew Harvest on 01208 841818.

    Click here for directions to the site.

  • Camel CSA needs volunteers to get stuck in

    Posted on March 3rd, 2009 charlotte No comments

    Now it’s your opportunity to get stuck in!

    Camel Community Supported Agriculture is planning an exciting Open Day for all our members at the beginning of June but right now we need lots of help to get the site ready for planting.

    We would love for you and your family to come and help out and get stuck in. Our expert growers will be at the site behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop every Sunday from 8 March onwards between 10am and 1pm preparing the ground, setting up the vegetable beds and getting those first plants in the ground.

    Why not come and join us this Sunday? It will give you an opportunity to get involved from the start, learn what’s involved with preparing a vegetable plot, what’s on the planting schedule and also work up a good appetite for Sunday lunch.

    Please bring wellies, macs, drinks and a snack.  Also bring any tools, ideally wheelbarrows, shovel, spades, forks and rakes.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    If you would like more information or have any questions email Alex at alex@olivetreeevents.co.uk or call Antonina at St Kew Harvest on 01208841818.

    Click here for directions to the site.

  • Camel CSA gets support from sponsors

    Posted on March 2nd, 2009 charlotte No comments

    Exciting news for Camel Community Supported Agriculture!

    The Brown family of St Kew Harvest Farm Shop have very generously offered to let us have the initial two acre plot of land rent free until July. 

     TT Compost Ltd at St Teath has kindly agreed to donate 30 tons of compost.  Cornwall Farmers has offered discounts.

     The Co-operative Group has granted us £1,400 to cover further land rental.

    We are busy formulating funding bids to the Lottery Food Fund and the Local Action Group.  So far we have completed Stage 1 of the Lottery Local Food grant process.

    Camel CSA’s team of expert vegetable growers has begun preparing and planting the land.  The first vegetables should be ready for distribution to our members by the middle of June.

  • Welcome to Camel CSA

    Posted on February 5th, 2009 Pickle Design No comments


    Who are we? We are a group of people interested in helping to produce our own food using organic farming principles.

    Where? We are based at St Kew Highway in north Cornwall on land around St Kew Harvest Farm Shop. The project welcomes new members from within approximately a 10-mile radius of St Kew.

    What is a CSA? Camel CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is all about connecting people with the land where their food is grown.

    Volunteers work with experienced farmers and growers on land managed by the group to produce food they can  share with their families.  A CSA is committed to the community by providing employment, education, recreation and supporting local farmers and producers. Our CSA is non-profit taking so all money is ploughed back into the project.

    What are the benefits?

    • You will be eating fresh, healthy and nutritious food from just a few miles away
    • You know where your food comes from and the people who grow it
    • You get to enjoy fresh air and fun (and exercise!) by sharing in the work and the harvest
    • You get a say in how your food is produced and the chance to take advice and learn from professional growers
    • You can help to make your community a better, healthier place

    How does Camel CSA work? Each member has an equal vote in how the group is managed. Members can also purchase a weekly share of the produce, which can either be collected from the site in St Kew or at drop-off points that we hope to establish in surrounding areas.

    When we are successful with our funding bids, we will use local professional growers to develop the main site and provide advice and assistance to any volunteers who participate. Initially a small site is being developed with voluntary help to start the growing process. Any extra vegetables needed for the boxes will be bought in from farmers in the area.

    How much does it cost? Membership is £24 per year. Weekly shares in the vegetable harvest will be available for members. Small box (feeds 1-2) – £5; Medium box (feeds 2-4) – £8; Large box (feeds 4+) – £15