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    Read all the stories behind Camel CSA’s latest videos

    June 2011
    How Camel Community Supported Agriculture is helping make local food work – YouTube video by the Plunkett Foundation


    October 2010
    Camel residents grow their own – BBC News video 

    October 2010
    David Wilcock of FoodiesSW recorded these two Youtube videos about us on his smart phone.

    October 2010
    David Wilcock also did his own audio report of our Lottery and EU funding launch.

    October 2010
    Camel CSA member Shayne House videoed BBC Spotlight reporter John Danks as he was filming a report about our funding success.

    July 2009
    Camel CSA members celebrate the launch of our vegetable box scheme.

    March 2009
    Different Camel CSA members explain why they got involved at the start.

    February 2009
    Our first volunteer growing session was on a cold grey winter day.

    Read all the stories behind Camel CSA’s latest videos

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