It’s jolly juicing time

October 21, 2009

We’ve located not just one but two fruit crushers and presses so we’re looking forward to Camel CSA’s apple juicing event this Sunday.

All members and their families are very welcome – children particularly so.  Just come to our site behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop between 10 a.m and 1 p.m.

Everyone will be able to have a hand in washing, cutting up, crushing and pressing the apples.

Please bring a clean plastic container to put the juice in.  You can either keep it in the fridge and drink it within 48 hours or freeze it in the container.

Wanted – more apples

We picked loads of apples last week in St Mabyn.  Thanks to Anne, Callum, Caroline, Charlotte, Kitty, Mark M, Mark N, Mike H, Mike S, Robert and Tess.   

The best of the fruit is going in this week’s share of the harvest.  The remainder will be turned into juice.

However we could do with some more.  The crushing and pressing process uses up a lot of fruit!  Around 20 lbs (10kg) of apples are needed to produce a gallon (4.5 litres) of juice.

So if if you know of any surplus apples going spare, please get in touch.  Even better, bring them along with you.

Click here to find out more about Vigo’s traditional fruit crushers and presses.

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