Tasty Tuscan kale

November 19, 2009

There’s some delicious dark-leafed ‘cavolo nero’ in this week’s veg boxes, along with some of Camel CSA’s own onions, carrots and parsnips. Take any thick stems off the kale and shred the leaves. Cook till tender and then drain and toss with olive oil or butter.

In the small boxes there will be:
* onions (Camel CSA)
* carrots (Camel CSA)
* parsnips (Camel CSA)
potatoes – Wilja variety (Burlerrow, St Mabyn)
* salad bag (Jane Mellowship)
calabrese (Rest Harrow Farm, Trebetherick)
black kale (Rest Harrow Farm)

Standard boxes will have the same plus:
romanesco cauliflower (Rest Harrow Farm)
swede (Rest Harrow Farm)
* brussels sprouts (Camel CSA)

* = grown to organic principles

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