Cornish strawberries in the veg boxes

June 9, 2010

All this week’s boxes will have:
*baby carrots (Mark Norman)
*lettuce (Camel CSA / Jeremy Brown, St Kew Harvest)
*new potatoes (St Kew Harvest)
*chard (St Kew Harvest)
Cornish strawberries (Celtic Produce)

Standard boxes will also contain:
*bag of spicy greens (St Kew Harvest)
*mixed basil – Sweet Genovese, purple, Thai, cinnamon and lemon varieties (St Kew Harvest)
*extra potatoes and *extra chard

* = grown to organic principles

Veg box regulars probably noticed that last week’s bag of mixed basil contained an unexpected cornucopia of flavours – quite a shock to the tastebuds!

There are many different varieties of basil and Jeremy Brown of St Kew Harvest is growing a selection.  Some can also be distinguished by their thinner leaves.

Sweet Genovese is similar to the basil we’re all familiar with.  Purple basil, which is also fat-leaved, has a deeper flavour and a richer colour.

Lemon or “hoary” basil is delicious in a green salad. Cinnamon basil is from Mexico. Thai basil, used in oriental cooking, has a distinctive liquorice taste.

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