Cornish cornflowers in our veg boxes

July 23, 2010

We’ve all got a bunch of birthday cornflowers in our boxes to celebrate the first year of our veg box scheme. The flowers come courtesy of Camel CSA’s coffers and were grown by Jeremy Brown at St Kew Harvest.

The rest of the contents of this week’s vegetable boxes are from our other expert growers Mark Norman and Jane Mellowship, and Camel CSA’s own plot. All of it grown to organic principles.

Small boxes have:
potatoes – Pentland Javelin (Mark)
onions (Mark)
cucumber (St Kew Harvest)
perpetual spinach (Camel CSA)
garlic (Camel CSA)
salad (Camel CSA)

Medium boxes have all the above plus extra potatoes and:
french beans (Jane)
beetroot (Camel CSA)
lettuce (Camel CSA)
Update – Please note these boxes have swiss chard (Camel CSA) instead of perpetual spinach

Large boxes have extra of everything plus:
calabrese (St Kew Harvest)
parsley (St Kew Harvest)
primo cabbage (St Kew Harvest)

Don’t forget that although the French beans are purple they go green once cooked – the water turns a fantastic colour! And the Pentland Javelin potatoes tend to collapse if overcooked – try steaming rather than boiling them.

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