Christmas veg boxes brimming with local seasonal produce

December 21, 2011

Our double-value Christmas boxes will all have:
potatoes (Burlerrow Farm, St Mabyn)
* onions (Camel CSA)
* garlic (Camel CSA)
sprout stalk (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
* salad bag (Camel CSA)
* carrots (Camel CSA)
* parsnips (Camel CSA)
* squash (Camel CSA)
* savoy cabbage (Camel CSA)
* swede (Camel CSA)
* chilli string (Camel CSA)
green tomato and apple chutney (Camel CSA)
tomato marmalade (Camel CSA)
* parsley (Camel CSA)

Standard boxes will have additional potatoes plus
* leeks (Camel CSA)
* red cabbage (Camel CSA)
* beetroot (Camel CSA)
jar of St Mabyn honey

NB next veg box day is Friday 6 January 2012

* = grown to organic principles

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