Melons and cucamelons in our weekly veg boxes


September 11, 2021

We’re growing melons in one of the polytunnels for the first time ever and some standard box members have one this week. They’re a traditional variety called ‘Blenheim Orange’ and the lucky people who’ve had an early taste say they’re unbelievably sweet and delicious.

Everyone has some cucamelons. These cute little members of the melon/gourd family are native to central America. They’re crispy, green and cucumber-like with a slightly sour lemony flavour.

We’re definitely going to grow melons again but we’re giving up on cucamelons as harvesting them is so fiddly and time-consuming!

In all the veg boxes:-
*radish bunch
*carrot bunch
*rainbow chard
*potatoes ‘Estima’

Standard boxes also have:-
*melon ‘Blenheim Orange’ or pak choi
*green pepper or aubergine
*French beans or runner beans

*  = grown to organic principles.
Please wash all produce thoroughly.


Produce grown by Camel CSA, unless indicated otherwise

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