Why veg ‘shares’ bring our CSA members closer to nature

June 19, 2023

Sharing out the vegetables is an important part of our weekly routine at Camel CSA. In their veg box every Friday each member household gets an equal share of what’s available and ready on our field at Treraven Farm.

Quantity and quality vary from week to week depending on nature, the weather and the changing of the seasons. It means CSA members share in the risks and rewards throughout the year and have a better understanding of how challenging and unpredictable the growing experience can be.

In all the weekly veg boxes:
*spring greens or chard
*green onions
*broad beans (Camel CSA / Francesca Iliffe, St Teath)
new potatoes ‘Swift’ (Camel CSA) / ‘Foremost’ (Mark Norman)

Standard boxes also have:
*cucumber or *calabrese

* = grown to organic principles.  Please wash all veg thoroughly  
Produce grown by Camel CSA, unless indicated otherwise 

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