Looking ahead to spring

November 2, 2009

The temperatures may be falling and the nights drawing in, but Camel Community Supported Agriculture is already looking forward to next year’s seasonal vegetable boxes.

Expert grower Jane Mellowship says:

“On Sunday we were very happy to get our spring greens finally in the ground and covered with a special new protective mesh, safe from any would-be nibblers

“Conditions were far from perfect, very muddy and windy, so we were content to weed creeping thistle from the onion bed and leave it at that.”

Thanks to expert growers Jeremy Brown and Jane Mellowship. aided by Kitty, Mike H and Mike S.

The heavy overnight rain and galeforce winds made the ground too wet to plant the garlic sets and broad bean seeds that we intend to overwinter for an early crop next year.  That’ll be done this coming Sunday, weather permitting.


Our packing team continue to do wonders on Friday mornings digging and picking and weighing produce. They fill more than 20 veg boxes each week in the short space of two hours.

Grateful thanks to stalwarts Trish, Caroline, Penny, Robert, and Gillian and her two children Sophie and Freddie. 

Camel CSA’s own supplies continue to be supplemented by a wide variety of  organic veg from our expert growers Jeremy Brown, Jane Mellowship and Mark Norman. 

Some high-quality, non-organically grown vegetables are coming from local suppliers.  James Mutton at Burlerrow Farm, St Mabyn is providing potatoes.  We’re also buying in regular supplies of freshly-harvested brassicas and leeks from Richard Hore at Rest Harrow Farm, Trebetherick.

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