Genuine Cornish pasties get protected EU status

February 23, 2011

Oggy! Oggy! Oggy!  So traditional Cornish pasties made here in Cornwall are now safeguarded by European Protected Geographical Indication status. What a mouthful.

But the delicious taste of victory could be spoilt by an undignified row about exactly how the pastry case should be crimped and precisely what should go inside it.

Personally I feel sorry for the Australians, who might now have to think what to call their so-called “Cornish” pasties. It’s a good thing they don’t export them to Europe. They’ve already had to give up marketing Australian sparkling wine as “champagne”.

Pasties are particularly popular in the Cornish Triangle or Copper Coast on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia where Cornish miners, known as Cousin Jack, emigrated in the 19th century.

My own experience is that “Cornish” pasties made in Australia, even in the friendly and delightful South Australian town of Moonta (pictured), are a poor relation of the genuine article.

Soggy rather than oggy, unfortunately.

Update: It turns out the Australians are a little upset about this – see Cornish ruling worries Aussie pasty makers – ABC

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