It’s time to get growing for the new season

March 19, 2023

Our growers and volunteers are working flat out to sow seeds, prick out seedlings and prepare no-dig beds for the many varieties of vegetables we’re cultivating this year.

Meanwhile we’re harvesting the last of the overwintered crops including our succulent salad mix – currently lettuce, buck’s horn plantain, mustard, red Russian kale, mizuna, land cress and baby leaf beet.

In all the weekly veg boxes:
*mixed salad leaves
*kalette tops or purple sprouting broccoli
red onions (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
*dried olive green lentils (Hodmedod’s)
celeriac (Trerair Farm, St Eval)
leeks (Trerair)
potatoes ‘Sagitta’ (Trerair)

Standard boxes also have:
*wild garlic (foraged locally) or radishes
*sprouted alfalfa seeds
romanesco (Trerair)

* = grown to organic principles.  Please wash all veg thoroughly  
Produce grown by Camel CSA, unless indicated otherwise 

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