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  • First pick of the rhubarb in Camel CSA’s veg boxes

    Posted on April 11th, 2021 charlotte No comments

    Standard box members have the first of this season’s rhubarb. There’s plenty more to come over the next few weeks provided the cold wind dies down and the weather warms up in north Cornwall.

    What’s in all this week’s veg boxes: –
    rhubarb-harvesting-camelcsa-090421*spring cabbage
    *radish bunch
    *spring onions
    *purple sprouting broccoli
    *mixed salad leaves
    *sprouted mung beans
    potatoes ‘Wilja’ (Colwith Farm, Lanlivery)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    ‘Red Fox’ dried carlin peas (Hodmedod’s)
    beetroot (Rest Harrow Farm, Trebetherick)

    *= grown to organic principles.
    Produce grown by Camel CSA, unless indicated otherwise

    Please wash all produce thoroughly.

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  • Rhubarb in Camel CSA’s veg boxes this week

    Posted on April 2nd, 2017 Janet No comments

    Rhubarb in our boxes is another sign that spring is here.

    rhubarb-camelcsa-120512In all the boxes this week:-
    rhubarb (Mitchell Fruit Garden)
    potatoes (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    beetroot (Restharrow)
    onions (Restharrow)
    red cabbage (Restharrow)
    Jerusalem artichokes (Restharrow)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    extra potatoes
    leeks (Restharrow)
    *kale/beet leaves
    *mixed salad leaves

    * = grown to organic principles
    All produce grown by Camel CSA unless otherwise indicated.  Please wash all vegetables and fruit.

    Try these delicious ways with rhubarb on Camel CSA’s recipe page:-
    Rhubarb and custard cake
    Delia’s rhubarb and almond crumble

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.324 – Hugh’s rhubarb and ginger cheesecake

    Posted on May 15th, 2016 Janet No comments

    This easy to make cheesecake is from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Fruit Every Day.

    Preparation time: 30 minutes
    Cooking time: 25-45 minutes
    Chilling time: 4 hours

    Serves 8rhubarb-camelcsa-120512

    For the rhubarb:
    400 g rhubarb, trimmed
    75 g caster sugar
    finely grated zest and juice of 1/2 orange
    For the biscuit base:
    85 g butter, melted, plus extra for greasing
    200 g ginger biscuits
    For the filling:
    400 g cream cheese
    3 balls preserved stem ginger, finely chopped plus 3 Tbsp syrup from the jar
    25 g caster sugar
    finely grated zest and juice of 1/2 orange
    200 ml double cream

    For the rhubarb, preheat the oven to 150°C/Gas Mark 2.  Cut the rhubarb into 4 cm lengths and place in a wide oven dish, ideally in one layer.  Sprinkle with the sugar, orange zest and juice.

    Cover the dish with foil and bake for 25-45 minutes (stirring carefully to turn the pieces over after the first 10 minutes), until tender and juicy (check the rhubarb after 25 minutes – and regularly thereafter – poking it with the tip of a small knife).

    Leave to cool completely, then drain off the juice (it’s delicious, so save to pour over ice cream or use in a drink or smoothie). Lightly butter a 20-23 cm springform cake tin, line the base with baking parchment and lightly butter the paper.

    To make the base, blitz the biscuits in a food processor (or bash in a bag with a rolling pin) until fairly fine.  Pour the melted butter through the feed tube, pulsing as you go, until the mix looks like wet sand.  (Or mix the butter with the bashed crumbs in a mixing bowl.)  Tip into the prepared tin and press in firmly with the bottom of a glass so you get an even layer.  Chill the base while you make the filling.

    For the filling, beat the cheese, ginger, ginger syrup, sugar, orange zest and juice together until well blended.  Add the cream and beat until the mixture thickens enough to hold its shape.  Spoon on to the biscuit base and spread into an even layer.

    Chill for 4 hours or overnight, until firm.  Run a thin knife around the edge of the cheesecake and release the side of the tin.  Serve with the cold baked rhubarb on top or on the side.

  • Beautiful new-season rhubarb in this week’s boxes

    Posted on April 4th, 2014 charlotte No comments

    Our rhubarb is doing so well this year – all thanks to the lasagne gardening technique.

    rhubarb-mark-camelcsa-040414All vegetable boxes have: –
    * rhubarb (Camel CSA)
    * sprouted mung beans (Camel CSA)
    * radish bunch (Camel CSA)
    * spinach/chard (Camel CSA)
    cauliflower (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)
    onions (Restharrow)
    potatoes ‘Wilja’ (Burlerrow Farm, St Mabyn)

    Standard boxes also have: –
    extra potatoes
    * salad bag** (Camel CSA)
    * cabbage (Camel CSA)
    leeks (Restharrow)

    * = grown to organic principles
    ** baby spinach/leaf beet, lettuce,  red mustard and golden mustard greens

  • Rhubarb and more Cornish asparagus in our veg boxes

    Posted on May 10th, 2012 charlotte No comments

    We’re in the middle of the “hungry gap“, so we’re relying heavily on other veg growers in Cornwall to fill the veg boxes. It also means there’s fewer items in the weekly boxes, but they’re still high value.

    Although we planted our own rhubarb earlier this year, it isn’t ready to pick yet. And we’ve no need to grow our own asparagus as there’s plenty being produced just down the road from us.

    Everyone will have: –
    new potatoes ‘Rocket’ (Growfair)
    cauliflower (Growfair)
    rhubarb (Growfair)
    Cornish asparagus (Lower Croan, Sladesbridge)
    * parsley (Camel CSA)

    Standard boxes will have:
    extra  potatoes
    * radishes (Camel CSA)
    * Swiss chard (Camel CSA)

    * = grown to organic principles

  • St Kew Harvest leeks in this week’s veg boxes

    Posted on April 13th, 2012 charlotte No comments

    We’ve another excellent selection of veg in this week’s boxes, including leeks from Jeremy Brown at St Kew Harvest Farm Shop and first of the rhubarb from our expert grower Mark Norman’s plot in Bodmin.

    All small and standard veg boxes have: –
    potatoes (Burlerrow Farm, St Mabyn)
    * leeks (St Kew Harvest)
    onions (Camel CSA)
    * carrots (Camel CSA)
    parsnips (Camel CSA)
    * Swiss chard (Camel CSA)
    * parsley (Camel CSA)

    Standard boxes also have: – 
    extra potatoes (Burlerrow Farm, St Mabyn)
    rhubarb (Mark Norman, Bodmin) 
    * radishes (Camel CSA)
    * beetroot (Camel CSA)

    * = grown to organic principles


  • We’re planting rhubarb and removing the dock weeds

    Posted on February 14th, 2011 charlotte No comments

    The growing team have begun digging out the dock weeds that are springing up all over our brassica plot. 

    Camel Community Supported Agriculture’s commitment to growing vegetables organically means no chemical sprays! So every broad-leaved dock must be painstakingly dug out by hand. We need to avoid breaking the roots, as any remaining fragments will re-sprout.

    We’ve planted rhubarb in the perennial area, where we’re preparing to grow gooseberries, raspberries, globe artichokes and Jerusalem artichokes. Work also continues on the interior of the toolshed.

    Thanks to expert growers Jane, Jeremy B, Mark N plus volunteers Antonina, Bob, Bridget, Cath, Charlotte, Dan, Danny, Evie, Gav, Gillian, Mark M, Mike S, Paul, Sophie, Trish F, and children Aimee, Carla, Christian, Finn, Freddie, Keira, Max, Sammy, Seth, Sophie.