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  • Neeps for Burns Night in Camel CSA’s veg boxes

    Posted on January 25th, 2020 charlotte No comments

    It’s become a tradition at Camel CSA to make sure all our members have a neep in their veg box for supper on Burns Night. Also this week we all have a jar of our very own crab apple and chilli jelly.

    neeps-swede-camelcsa-250120In all the veg boxes:-
    *kale –  ‘Red Russian
    *sprouted mung beans
    *jar of crab apple and chilli jelly
    cauliflower (Total Produce, Bodmin)
    swede (Total Produce)
    potatoes ‘Wilja’ (Colwith Farm, Lanlivery)

    Standard boxes also have:-
    *purple turnips
    *Parisian carrots
    *purple sprouting broccoli or savoy cabbage (Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick)

    Produce grown by Camel CSA, unless otherwise stated
    * = grown to organic principles
    Please wash all produce thoroughly

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  • Seasonal local food recipe No.378 – Ottolenghi’s swede, bacon and walnut gratin

    Posted on January 22nd, 2018 charlotte No comments

    The humble “neep” of traditional Burns Night fame takes on a posh new identity in this Yotam Ottolenghi dish. The secret is the sage and the walnuts. Served with a green salad, it’s awesome! I used fromage frais instead of double cream and left out the salt. Yotam says: “It also works without the bacon, if you want to make it vegetarian.”

    Serves 6 as main course, 8 as a side

    swede-camelcsa-011009Preparation time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: one hour 15 minutes (mostly oven)

    25g unsalted butter
    1 large onion, thinly sliced (200g net weight)
    200g smoked bacon lardons
    10g sage leaves, finely shredded
    300ml double cream
    400ml vegetable stock
    1½ tbsp dijon mustard
    2 large swedes, peeled, cut in half and then into 3-4mm-thick slices (1.4kg)
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    40g mature cheddar, coarsely grated
    40g walnut halves, roughly chopped

    Heat the oven to 200C/390F/gas mark 6. Put the butter in a large, 28cm-diameter pot on a medium-high heat. Once it starts to foam, add the onion and bacon, and fry, stirring frequently, for seven to eight minutes, until the onions are soft and the bacon is cooked. Stir in half the sage, the cream, stock, mustard, swede, half a teaspoon of salt and plenty of pepper, bring to a boil, then turn down the heat to medium and leave to simmer for five minutes, stirring every now and then.

    Spoon the swedes into a high-sided, 20cm x 30cm ovenproof dish, and pour all the pan juices and bacon bits over the top. Press the swedes down into the dish, and if need be move the slices around, so they’re evenly layered, then roast for 40 minutes, basting and pressing down once more halfway through.

    While the gratin is cooking, mix the cheddar with the walnuts and remaining sage. When the 40 minutes are up, sprinkle the cheddar mix all over the gratin and bake for a further 15-20 minutes, until the gratin is dark golden brown and bubbling, and leave to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.343 – Carrot and swede

    Posted on November 27th, 2016 Janet No comments

    This simple vegetable side dish makes a change from boiled carrots and is delicious served with roast meats.swede-camel csa 1.10.09

    Serves 4

    Preparation time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: 20 minutes

    300 g peeled, chopped carrot
    300 g peeled, chopped swede
    30 g butter
    freshly ground black pepper

    Boil the carrot and swede in a saucepan over a medium heat until both vegetables are tender.  Drain, add the butter and then cut through the diced vegetables with a knife until they are in smaller pieces but not mashed.  Season with freshly ground pepper to taste and serve.

  • Nigel Slater’s spiced swede or turnips with spinach

    Posted on May 3rd, 2015 charlotte No comments

    An extremely versatile vegetarian dish that uses up the last of the winter season’s swede in this week’s veg boxes. You can use turnips or swede or a mixture of both. The same goes for spinach and chard.

    As Nigel says: “This gently fragrant dish works well with potatoes and parsnips, too. You could use another leaf, perhaps chard or kale.” It comes from his Mid-week dinner feature in The Guardian.

    Turnip-prep-camelcsa-170513Serves: 6
    Preparation/cooking time: 20 minutes


    1kg mixed turnips and/or swede

    1 onion, finely chopped
    knob of butter
    1 tsp oil
    1 tsp each of cumin seeds, ground turmeric and garam masala
    200g spinach or chard
    yogurt and coriander leaves, to serve

    Peel turnips and swede and cut them into large pieces. Cook the turnip and swede either in boiling, lightly salted water, or in a steamer, until tender.

    In a shallow pan, fry a peeled and roughly chopped onion in a little butter and oil until soft and golden, then add the cumin seeds, ground turmeric and garam masala. Continue cooking for a couple of minutes at a moderate heat until all is fragrant.

    Wash and remove any tough stalks from 200g of spinach or chard. Place a nonstick, shallow pan over a moderate heat, add the wet spinach and cover with a tight-fitting lid. Let the spinach cook in its own steam for about three minutes, until wilted, then drain and gently press the water from it.

    Add the drained turnips and swedes to the onions and continue cooking until they are lightly golden and have soaked up some of the flavour for the spices. Season with a little salt. Fold the spinach into the spiced turnips and swede and serve, if you wish, with a trickle of yogurt and a few coriander leaves. Serves 4.

    Nigel’s trick: “Steam your spinach rather than boiling it. The best way I have found is to wash the leaves and, while they are still very wet, put them in a shallow pan to which you have a tight-fitting lid. Place over a moderately high heat, cover and let the spinach cook for a minute or two in its own steam. Lift the lid, turn the leaves with a pair of tongs or a draining spoon, then cook them for a minute more. I find this gives a better result than boiling.”

  • Seasonal local food recipe No.183: Honey-glazed carrots or swede

    Posted on April 13th, 2013 charlotte No comments

    This easy side dish brings out the sweetness of carrots or swede. It’s from BBC GoodFood’s Olive magazine. You need to cut larger carrots and swede into long, thick batons. Use new-season, thinner carrots whole.

    Serves: 4
    Preparation / cooking time: 25 minutes

    400g carrots, scrubbed or peeled (cut into long, thick batons if necessary)
    Or 400g swede, peeled and cut into long, thick batons
    1 tbsp honey
    15g butter

    Simmer the carrots or swede in a large wide pan until just tender, about 15 minutes. Drain off all but a few tbsp of the cooking water then add the honey and butter and season well. Turn the carrots or swede over the heat until glazed and golden.

  • Seasonal recipe No 21 – Root vegetable stew

    Posted on November 20th, 2009 Trish No comments

    This really tasty recipe comes from Riverford Organic Vegetables. It works just as well without the turnips – just add a bit more of the other roots.

    Preparation Time: 20 minutesroot vegetable stew-camel csa 20-11-09
    Cooking Time: 1 hour

    Serves: 4

    2 large onions, chopped
    2 garlic cloves, crushed
    250g puy lentils, rinsed
    3 tbsp oil
    2 tsp coriander seeds
    2 tsp cumin seeds
    250g carrots, peeled and cut into 2cm chunks
    250g turnips, peeled and chopped
    250g swede, peeled and chopped
    250g parsnips, peeled and chopped
    900ml vegetable stock
    1 x 400g tinned chopped tomatoes
    salt and pepper

    Saute the onion in hot oil with the crushed garlic, until the onion is transparent.

    Meanwhile, put the coriander and cumin seeds into a small pan and dry fry for a few minutes, stiring occasionally. Crush with a pestle and mortar. Add the seeds to the onion mixture and cook, stirring for 2 minutes. Add the root vegetables to the onion mixture and cook for a few minutes. Add the lentils and stir well to mix. Pour in the stock and chopped tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper.

    Cover and simmer gently for 40 minutes (or cook in a medium oven) until the vegetables are tender and the lentils are soft.

  • Seasonal recipe No 14 – Spiced creamy swede

    Posted on October 2nd, 2009 Trish 1 comment

    An upmarket version of the Scottish classic ‘bashed neeps’, taken from the Riverford Organic Vegetables website.

    Preparation time: 20 minutes
    Cooking time: 30 minutes
    swede-camel csa 1.10.09
    Serves: 6

    1 medium swede
    ½ tsp ground ginger
    pinch of finely grated nutmeg
    25g butter
    coarsely chopped parsley or coriander
    2 tbsp creme fraiche
    salt and pepper

    Peel the swede and cut into small cubes. Boil in salted water for about 20 minutes or until tender. Drain and mash or puree in a food processor until smooth.

    Stir in the butter, spices and seasoning. Return to the pan and heat through gently.

    Stir in the creme fraiche, and pile the mixture in a serving dish. Sprinkle with parsley and garnish with an extra swirl of creme fraiche.